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126 N. Market Street - March 2015

126 N. Market Street - March 2015

About us

Rachel K's Bakery was founded in 2010 by owner, Rachel Midgette.    She began baking pastries and breads in her home and selling at local Farmer's Markets.     By 2013, she had sub-leased a small kitchen from a coffee shop and began selling her baked goods in a retail shop.    

In 2014, Rachel had the opportunity to purchase a historic building in downtown Washington, North Carolina.   The building needed extensive renovations- having been built in 1884 and vacant since 1982 - but after much hard work Rachel K's Bakery opened up in March of 2015 in its new home on Market Street in Washington, NC.

Rachel's vision of providing fresh baked, scratch made pastries, breads, sweets, and meals has come true.   The Bakery works closely with local farmers to use local, in season ingredients when possible, and only high quality ingredients are used.


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We would love to work with you on catering your event.     Here are some basic details and ideas.   Please contact us with your specific thoughts and needs and we can work with you to meet your requirements.

We are not a full-service caterer.   We specialize in providing boxed sandwiches or trays of sandwiches and sides for lunches and dinner.   We can also put together an outstanding spread of breakfast pastries and coffee for your breakfast or brunch gatherings.    We have also helped with providing foods for showers, receptions, bookclubs, and dinner parties.  

We need 36 hours notice to provide large orders, and we can typically deliver within the Washington area with notice. 

Some examples of recent catering orders:

  • Boxed lunches for business luncheon - individual boxed lunches containing sandwiches and a side dish, with platters of cookies and brownies on the side.

  • Mini cheesecakes and eclairs for a baby shower

  • Lemon pies, banana puddings, and mini eclairs for a casual wedding reception

  • Cupcakes with a Troll theme and cotton candy ''hair' for a 7 year old's birthday party

  • Carrot cakes, a 12 layer chocolate cake, and an old fashioned coconut cream pie for a family gathering.

  • Boxes of coffee,with all the fixings, along with trays of pastries, bagels and cream cheese for a breakfast meeting.

Email us with your ideas and we can work together to give you a no obligation quote. 



(252) 946-2253 (BAKE)





126 North Market Street

Washington, NC27889



Monday - Saturday

7:00am - 6:00pm

Click HERE for a downloadable catering menu (.pdf)


You asked, we answered...

 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?

Because the majority of our baked goods are made with wheat flour, we do not offer truly gluten free options.   There is flour everywhere around here!   Our peanut butter cookies are made without flour, and of course our salads, most of our soups, and all of our coffee is available without added wheat products.   

We make an effort to offer vegetarian fare (marked with an * on our printed menu).   Most of our vegetable based soups are vegetarian, and a few are vegan.  Please feel free to ask our staff about the current day's soups..

Our baguettes are vegan, as our our plain and 'everything' bagels.

We have no plans to expand our gluten-free baked goods.

  • Will you donate to my organization/charity/fundraiser?

We are very involved with the local community, and quite often donate baked goods or other items for fundraisers.    If you are interested in speaking with us about this, your request must be made in writing, and with at least 3 weeks notice.   Email all requests to RachelKsBakery(at)  Please include what you are requesting (baked goods, money, time, etc) and when you need the item.  Please know that we are swamped with requests and cannot possibly fulfill all requests.   It is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is dependent on the current quarter's advertising/charity budget.

  • Are you hiring?  Do you hire summer help?

When we have an open position, we try to promote from within our company.   If that is not feasible, we will open up hiring to the public.   All open positions are posted on our Facebook page when available.   We have both full-time and part-time (20+ hrs/week) positions, but do not hire temporary or summer help.


We provide 3-layer 'old fashioned' round cakes, in either an 8" (standard) size, or a 6" (mini size).   We also can provide cupcakes in standard or mini sizes.  We do not offer carved or shaped cakes,  tiered cakes, or cakes covered in fondant.  All of our cakes are frosted using buttercream, old fashioned cooked icings, or cooked '7 minute' icings.   We can work with you on almost any decorating idea you have.   Please take a look at the cakes shown below to give you an idea of the cakes we offer.   48 hours notice is required for all cakes, and a deposit may be required for very complicated or large orders.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and a chocolate ganache topping

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and a chocolate ganache topping

Mehndi/henna inspired cake

Mehndi/henna inspired cake

Leopard print

Leopard print

Pink zebra print

Pink zebra print



Old fashioned floral print

Old fashioned floral print

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day



We can provide cupcakes for all of your special celebrations or gatherings.  We offer both standard sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes.   Minimum order for cupcake orders is 12 (1 dozen).    Please allow at least 48 hours for all large orders.

Local Suppliers

Whenever feasible, we work with local suppliers and farmers to gather our ingredients.   Listed below are some of our partners.


Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee, located in Durham, NC was founded in 1995 and is a certified organic roaster.   They offer classes and education through their website, and have training centers in 13 locations throughout the US.   They work closely with the Bakery to provide the highest quality and freshest beans possible, while training our Baristas in techniques to extract the best possible flavor for each cup of coffee.   Visit for more information.

Simply Natural Creamery

Simply Natural Creamery is located in Ayden, NC.   They are a family creamery committed to raising their cows in a natural environment.   Rachel K's Bakery sources all of our milk, buttermilk, cream and half-and-half from Simply Natural.   Their products are available in local supermarkets and they offer tours of their farm.   For more information, visit their website at

Southside Farms

Located in Chocowinity, NC, Southside Farms is dedicated to growing healthy, fresh produce and providing it to your family.    Shawn & Tracey Harding have been growing produce for more than 16 years and the Bakery is always eager to get their fresh strawberries, juicy tomatoes, and other produce throughout the season.   For more information, visit

Farmers & Artisans Market

The Washington Harbor District Farmer's & Artisans Market is where Rachel K first began selling her baked goods to the public.   This is a small town market that provides an outlet for farmers and artisans to sell their goods and produce.   It is currently in operation on Saturday mornings on the Washington waterfront during the warmer months, but has big plans to expand to an indoor space in 2018.  Visit for more information.

Our bakery

126 North Market Street
Washington, NC, 27889
United States

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Thanks for contacting us, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

helping others


Little Free Pantry

In April 2018, we opened up our "LIttle Free Pantry".  This is an opportunity for people who are facing food insecurity to get a little extra food to get them through the month.   People from the community can stock the pantry with non-perishable items, and anyone who needs it can access the "LFP" at any time.   Popular items have included: granola bars, canned soups, rice, pasta, fruits, and canned beans.    This is inspired by the folks at .   You can start one in your own community!

Since Rachel K’s Bakery opened in 2015, anyone who needs it can ask for a “Rachel’s Special” and receive a meal at no cost.   

This program has been well received and has helped countless community members get through some rough patches in their lives.    North Carolina struggles with food insecurity and hunger, and Eastern NC is especially hard hit. 

Beaufort County, where Rachel K’s Bakery is located, has a 30% poverty rate, which leads to hunger for many people.  This is Rachel K’s Bakery’s way of giving back.   

In 2017, the Bakery provided approximately 950 meals to the hungry.

"Rachel's Special", by Dennis Dougherty, (c) 2017

by Dennis Dougherty

A customer of ours wrote us a song. It references our “Rachel’s Special”, which is a program where anyone can ask for a meal and it is provided free of charge, no questions asked. Click on the “Play” arrow to hear the song!

Song and lyrics by Dennis Dougherty, 2017